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CAPOmedia is where Video Production (Film Beginner), TV Broadcast Journalism (Film Adv.), Yearbook (listed as Digital Media Design) learn and create the digital media content for student growth and learning as well as content that reaches the entire school as well.
All classes are UC approved A-G 
Video Production and TV Broadcast Journalism are both Articulated classes with Saddleback College under my CTE (Career Technology and Education Credential) allowing students to skip Film 1 and go straight into Film 2 once they have completed TV Broadcast Journalism
Yearbook is listed as Digital Media Design as part of the UC Art accreditation. 


So proud of the work represented here and the work that won't be able to be shown. Incredible talent in this class!
360 films were submitted this year and 45 were nominated. Of the 45 nominations we received 13 nominations and were were nominated for 3 of the 4 Production Design nominations!
Best Broadcast // CAPO.360
Production Design // Air GuiTRON, Wyatt + Grayce Lee // Star Wars, Wyatt Webb, Hannah Alcala, Cori Lemieux  // Laundromat Grayce Lee
Commercial Dodgeball Alley / Not So Hot + Clare Kinkaid
Graphics // Jacob Longcob 
Independent Kinesics // Mckenna 
Boyle + Clare Kinkaid
Cinematography // Jake Wolfert
Producer // Grayce Lee
Director // Kirsten Hoang
Story Desiree // Desiree Intveld
PSA Perspective Kirsten Hoang
Short Film // Laundromat Grayce Lee // Kirsten Hoang
Capo Media
All our videos are hosted here on Vimeo