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Theatre Arts

Congrats to Mckenzie Cahill, the OC Artist of the Year!  Mckenzie won for her work in Theatre at Capo Valley High School.

Congrats to Mckenzie Cahill, the OC Artist of the Year!  Mckenzie won for her work in Theatre at Capo Valley High School.

OC Artist of the Year!

Congrats to Mckenzie Cahill, the OC Artist of the Year


The Theater Arts program at Capistrano Valley High School includes a comprehensive performing arts training.  We offer training in Acting, Stagecraft, IB Theatre, Musical Production, Musical Theatre PE, and Choir.  Three levels of Drama are offered including: Drama 1, Advanced Drama, and Actors' Repertory.  The after school productions are audition-only but are open to all.  Auditions are held during the first week of fall semester for the fall play, and the first week of spring semester for the musical (although this is subject to change per show).  Please visit the tabs to the left to navigate through the Drama classes and Stagecraft classes for more information on what to expect from the program.
For further information about Capo Theatre Arts related activities such as auditions, field trips, meetings, upcoming productions, festivals, etc. please make sure to follow us on Instagram


Wondering how to fit Theatre into your class schedule?  Check out this info, then email Mrs. Tucker with any further questions.  Update:  CCP is no longer a required class for graduation, so Freshmen now have more room in their schedule to take a Theatre class!


(These classes do not directly tie into the after-school plays and musicals, which is a 7th period class a student would audition for and get into based on the director's choice at auditions.  Nor do these classes to public performances on the main stage.  Instead, they focus on topics such as Theatre History, scene and monologue work, playwright study, improvisation, pantomime, etc.)
Drama 1A:  Open to all students.  This course introduces students who are new to Theatre to improvisation, body language, confidence in front of their peers, and basic Theatre vocabularly.  No audition is necessary to sign up for Drama 1A, and there will be no public performances required in this class.  You will be asked to do some scene and monologue work, in-class only.  This is a perfect class for students who need to fultill their Arts credit for graduation and/or college.  It is low-stress, fun, and active.
Advanced Drama Class:   After a year of Drama 1, you will move onto Advanced Drama.  Students who feel that they are ready to skip a year of Drama 1 should only be considered if you have experience in plays (at Capo, at middle school, or community theatre) and have a love of theatre.  This course will go deeper into terminology, theatre history, and analysis techniques of scenes and monologues.  If this sounds like a good fit, email Mrs. Tucker with your resume (a brief email with bullet pointed list of your experience on stage or backstage, shows you've seen or been a part of, classes you've taken, and the name of the teacher/community theatre director).  OR if you have little to no experience but still want to try to skip Drama 1 because you feel like you have the natural talent, you can send in a 1 minute audition monologue to Click the "Advanced Drama" tab to the left.  No auditions necessary for students with a year of Drama 1.  This class does not require a public performance (only scene and monologue work in class).
Actors' Repertory Class:  Auditions necessary for all current Drama students who want to reach the top level acting class at Capo.  Pre-requisite is Drama 1, Advanced Drama, or a combination of the two, or extensive theatrical training at a different high school or theatre.  More information on what to prepare, click the "Actors' Rep" tab to the left, and email Mrs. Tucker.   Freshmen are not allowed to audition for this class.  There is one public performance required in this class, which is a student-produced show in the Blackbox Theatre.  Additionally, students will learn about theatre theorists and playwrights from around the world, dive into Shakespeare, and further theri studies in character analysis and audtion preparation.
IB Theatre:  If you are an International Baccalaureate student looking for an elective, IB Theatre is a good option as long as you have a basic knowledge of theatre and experience watching and/or being in productions. This is a very rigorous and in-depth course offered only to Juniors and Seniors in the IB Diploma program.  See Mrs. Kubba (Capo's IB Coordinator) for details, or talk to Mrs. Tucker.


(Behind the Scenes Crew Classes.  These classes involve no acting or performing, but a lot of work with their hands, creative thought, and a high level of maturity and trustworthiness).
Basic Stagecraft:  This class introduces students to the basics of theater and backstage work.  They do not work directly on the after- school productions, but learn the basics of crew work including publicity, lighting, construction, set design, basic sewing techniques, and the careers available in the theatre industry.  Students should submit an online application to be accepted in this class.  Click Here to fill out the application.
Advaned Stagecraft and Theatrical Production:  These are top-level Stagecraft classes and directly work on designing and producing the after school shows.  However, this class meets during the school day.  Many students also choose to enroll in 7th period so they can stay after school and continue their work on the show.  The crews in this class include Audio, Lighting, Props, Set Design, Construction, Hair and Make-up, Stage-Management, Costumes, etc.  Pre-requisite: Basic Stagecraft or a year of backstage crew work on a few of our shows, with Mrs. Tucker's permission.


These classes are 7th period (offered after-bell)  and include the cast and crew of the plays and musicals.  Enroll in the class if you are interested in being a part of our productions.  Then audition, when the time comes, for a role in the cast if you'd like a role.  If you'd like to be crew, there is no audition necessary, but there is a crew application.  If you audition and don't get a role, you can apply for crew, or drop the class. 
Drama Music Comedy Fine Art:  This class is for all potential cast and crew of the straight play, and non-dancing roles in the musical.  This give you Elective Credit for graduation (not Fine Art Credit--you have to take a daytime Drama or Stagecraft class for that).  This is a semester class.
Drama Music Comedy P.E.:  You will be enrolled in this class automatically after auditions for the musical if you are cast in a dancing role and need P.E. credit.  You will then be allowed to drop your other P.E. class.


Emily Tucker (Theatre Teacher, Director) Mrs. Tucker teaches Stagecraft Honors, Drama 1, Advanced Drama, Actors’ Repertory, and Drama Musical Comedy (the after school productions of straight plays and musicals).  She has directed over 35 plays and musicals during her 18 years at Capo. She received the Capistrano Valley High School Teacher of the Year in 2012.  More information about Ms. Tucker, or email with any questions.
Cris Stuart  (Choreographer)  Cris has been the on-site choreographer for Capistrano Valley High School musicals for 20 years.  He has won numerous awards including Best Interpretive Choreography and Best Choreography at the O.C. MACY Awards.  He also choreographs dances for cheerleaders at various schools and companies in southern California, including a recent half-time dance for the Lakers cheerleaders.  Additionally, he has choreographed dances for TV, including a music video for Gwen Stefani.  To reach Cris, please email
Madison Cole  (Assistant Director). Maddy is a Capo Theatre Arts graduate and has her degree in Theatre and her Teaching Credential.  She has assistant directed many shows at Capo including Peter and the Starcatcher, Seussical, Chicago, Clue, Almost Maine, Urinetown, Puffs, Matilda, The Play that Goes Wrong, and Mary Poppins, and directed Spelling Bee and Little Women.  She spent over 10 years working at Center Stage Studio, including 3 years as the program director. To reach Maddy Cole, please email
Justin Barnes (Capistrano Performing Arts Center Theater Manager)  Justin Barnes is the facility manager for the theater building, thus any and all rental inquiries should be directed at him.  He has worked with the local Stagehands union in both Orange and Los Angeles Counties, giving him the opportunity to work on productions ranging from Hamilton to Beyonce.  He has also been the Technical Director for the plays and musicals at Capo, overseeing the construction, rigging, sound, and lighting for the after school shows, and still donates his time to us. To reach Mr. Barnes please email
Directions to Theater

Directions to Theater

The Theater is on the top of the school


Capistrano Performing Arts Center - Opened in 2013, the C-PAC seats 450 and is the most state-of-the-art theater facility in the Capistrano Unified School District.

Downstairs Lobby - There are two lobbies; an upstairs and a downstairs.

Main Stage - The auditorium seats 450. The Blackbox performance space seats 120.