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Auxiliary Group


The CVHS Color Guard will continue its annual Workshop and Audition Camp Wednesday June10th.
Auditions will be held  Friday May 12th.  Students should wear comfortable shoes and clothing to dance and move in. The workshop will begin at 4:30 and conclude by 7:00 each day.
The audition rubric can be found in the forms section of the Auxiliary locker.
Good Luck!


Auxiliary Group                                    
9, 10, 11, 12 Length of Course: Year                              *Prerequisite  
The Auxiliary Group brings music to life through performance in a competitive format. Commonly referred to as the Color Guard, the auxiliary group presents a visual art form which incorporates spinning flags, rifles, sabres, and other various pieces of equipment, while performing to varied range music. Dance is also featured and integrated into the spinning. Students participate and compete in state, regional, and international events, through the Southern California School and Band Association (SCSBOA), Winter Guard Association on Southern California (WGASC); Winter Guard International (WGI); and Bands of America (BOA). Each semester a new artistic program is conceived and developed, allowing students the opportunity to enter a world of performance and entertainment; a place where pageantry involves an array of equipment, movement, and skill. The auxiliary group is truly the “Sport of the Arts.”
Physical fitness skills are emphasized, and this course receives P. E. credit.  Course may be taken more than once for credit.
*Membership in the auxiliary group is limited to students who have attended spring try outs as well as summer rehearsals. Members must take this course.