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Digital Multimedia Design (Yearbook)

Yearbook (Digital Multimedia Design) 1A/1B

Yearbook (Digital Multimedia Design) 1A/1B

UC/CSU 10, 11, 12

Length of Course: Year The students in this class produce CAPO’s multimedia yearbook. This is a comprehensive program that introduces the student to computer graphic art. This computer graphics/photography course will allow the student to gain the necessary skills for additional training through other education sources. Through theory and comprehensive hands- on training, the student will learn computer graphic art fundamentals, traditional art fundamentals, color theory, basic rendering, and basic foundations of graphic design, graphic art history, computer graphics digital imaging and digital photography.

*Teacher Approval – Application

Yearbook Faculty
Candice Harrington AP Calc AB, CVHS Times, Yearbook, Capo Link Crew, CSF, Comedy Sportz