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Visual & Performing Arts


The Visual & Performing Arts Department at Capistrano Valley High School  offers students opportunities for self-expression in a variety of arts classes.

Our programs build on independent discovery and collaborative achievement while respecting individual interests and learning styles. The primary purpose of these classes is to help expand the development of student thinking, integrate with common core standards, and foster a more expansive educational experience. 

The arts program also bridges curriculum content in all grade levels while fostering depth and understanding of the arts and the artist's contributions as an integral part of the world's culture.  We strive to widen the educational experience beyond the core class curriculum. 

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VAPA Educational Staff
Contact Kent Baker  Kent Baker Teacher
Contact Erin Girard  Erin Girard Teacher
Contact Craig Landino  Craig Landino Film & Photo Teacher
Contact Christina Lee  Christina Lee English, AVID Coordinator
Contact Wendy Mcelfish  Wendy Mcelfish CVHS Photography Teacher
Contact Brian Schultz  Brian Schultz Teacher
Contact Emily Tucker  Emily Tucker Drama Teacher, Theatre Director
Contact Andreas Waldukat  Andreas Waldukat (949) 364-2744 Director of Instrumental Music- Department Chair, Visual & Performing Arts