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Early Assessment Program (EAP)

Capistrano Valley High School Early Assessment Program (EAP)

High School Juniors:

One of the assessments that all juniors will take in May this year is called the Early Assessment Program exam. This is designed to determine whether or not your child will need to take remedial course work prior to entering or during the first year of study in college. The EAP score is based on a combination of a written essay exam as well as some multiple choice questions on the Smarter Balanced Assessment given in May.

Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) will be using the results from the EAP and other relevant performance measures, to place students in an appropriate 12thgrade English course.

Additionally, if your child does well on the EAP exam in English and mathematics, he/she may earn exemption from the English and Mathematics placement tests required of all entering CSU freshman and many community colleges. The EAP portion of the tests in English and mathematics are also used by California State University (CSU) campuses and select California Community Colleges (CCC) to determine initial course placement at a CSU campus and many community colleges.  The EAP program results are not used by the University of California or private university systems. 

The CSU system will provide communication to you and your child regarding the results of the Early Assessment Program portions.  In English, students will receive a score that indicates either they are exempt or not exempt (must take the English Placement Test (EPT) prior to entry).  In mathematics, students will be identified as exempt, conditionally exempt (must enroll in an approved class during Grade 12), or not exempt (must take the Entry Level Mathematics [ELM] prior to entry).  Those students classified as exempt in either or both English and mathematics would be permitted to enroll in freshman-level course work immediately without remediation.

Should you desire additional information, we invite you to visit the EAP Web site. In addition, there are two Web sites that provide valuable information to students on how to further prepare to be successful in English and mathematics.  These Web sites can be found at CSU English success and CSU Math success.

As always, please encourage your student to put forth his/her best effort, and ensure that he/she practices good eating and sleeping habits prior to and during the testing period.