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Senior Newsletter

Click here for the Senior Bulletin for 2014-15

Letters of Recommendation

Information for Letters of Recommendation for college applications or scholarships

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NCAA Eligibility

Attention CVHS seniors who are planning on participating in  college athletics:

  1. Be sure you are registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center
  2. Be sure you send an official transcript to NCAA by using
    Parchment  and
    choosing the NCAA Eligibility Center as the destination
  3. Send your official SAT and ACT scores from the testing agencies
    Collegeboard website and
    ACT student website
    to the NCAA Eligibility Center using code 9999

Senior Year

Senior annual checklist


•     Complete assigned summer work for Honors, AP, or IB classes if applicable.

•     Continue to visit colleges.

•     Develop a list of your schools and their deadlines. Also include test dates as necessary:

                ⇒     Application

                ⇒     Housing

                ⇒     Scholarships

                ⇒     Financial aid

                ⇒     SAT

                ⇒     ACT

                ⇒     Subject Tests

•     Attend Senior Day during walk-through registration. This is your preferred day.

•    Verify course selection for fall semester. Are you enrolled in all the classes you need for graduation and college admission, including the Visual/Performing Art (VPA)?  Did you make-up/take courses in summer school through CVHS, Saddleback College or ROP?  These will impact your schedule of classes for the fall.  Speak with your Advisor.


Read the Senior Bulletin


•    First day of school – do you have at least 5 classes? 

                ⇒       English 

                ⇒       Government or Economics

                ⇒       Math

                ⇒       Science

                ⇒       World Language or Elective

•    Meet with college admission representatives as they visit CVHS. 

•     Review your transcript from the Parent Portal. It is your responsibility to make sure it is correct. See your Academic Advisor if you have questions.

•    Complete the online packet to request a Letter of Recommendation for out of states, private schools or scholarships.  Remember, the UC and Cal State schools will not accept Letters of Recommendation. (Exception - Berkeley)

•     A CSS/Financial Aid Profile is required by some colleges and universities. Check your schools website to see if it is needed.



•     Attend the UC application workshop in Cougar Hall. Date TBD

•     All UC and CSU applications are done online.

•    Start your UC applications.  They are available on August 1. Submit them beginning Nov. 1 - Nov. 30.  SUBMIT EARLY!

•     Submit your Cal State applications Oct 1-Nov. 30.  The sooner, the better.

•     Start your private and out of state applications online. Watch their deadlines. Use the Common Application where possible and do it online.

•     Letter of Recommendation Packets due to Academic Advisors in Friday, Sept 25, 2015.

•     Take the SAT or ACT if necessary.

•     Register and pay for International Baccalaureate (IB) exams if applicable.



•     Submit applications to the University of California Nov 1-30. The sooner, the better. Do not wait until the end of November – their computer server can get overloaded.

•     Take the SAT or ACT if necessary.

•     Register and pay for International Baccalaureate (IB) exams if applicable.



•     Submit your FAFSA. (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

•     Submit your request for the Cal Grant GPA verification to the CVHS Registrar.

•    Register and pay for Advanced Placement (AP) examinations through the Activities Office if applicable.

•     Finish off your first semester with a bang.  Senior grades count in the college admission process.



•    Mid-Year Reports are due to those campuses that require them. Give your Advisor the appropriate forms to submit. UC and Cal State schools will notify you if they want one.



•    All UC and CSU campuses will notify applicants by March 31.



•     Keep up on your list of deadlines.

•     Have you met the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement? If not, sign up for the May test.


•     May 1 is typically the deadline for applicants to submit their SIR (Student Intent to Register) at their chosen college. You will probably need to pay a deposit as well. DO NOT MISS THIS DEADLINE.

 •    Second Progress Report period ends and the 12-week grade reporting period is used to determine Valedictorian status at the Senior Awards program.

•    The UC Analytical Writing Placement Exam is offered during May. It is one way for students to fulfill the Entry Level Writing Requirement.



•    Send a final transcript to the college you will be attending in the fall. See the Quick Links section of the website. Choose “Final transcript” to include your spring semester grades. All finals transcripts are submitted electronically through Parchment.

Updated 8/27/2015