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Freshman Year

9th Grade Annual Checklist

9th Grade Annual Checklist

March of 8th Grade Year

•   Attend Capistrano Valley High School’s “Eighth Grade Student/Parent Expo” – usually held in March; exact date to be determined.

•     Visit to browse website and to sign up for periodic school Listserve messages by clicking “Join Our Listserve” located under Quick Links.

•     Academic Advisors and Counselors visit middle schools to discuss registration for fall classes.

•     Students complete Fall course registration process on their Student Portal.


•     Attend your scheduled Freshman Day during walk-through registration. This is your preferred day.

•     Verify course selection for fall semester.

•      Complete assigned summer work for Accelerated/Honors classes if applicable.

•      Attend Freshman Orientation – check front page of website for more information.


•     The evening before school begins check your Student Portal for your schedule with teachers and classrooms.  Lists of 1st period classes will be posted around the school.  Report directly to first period.  You will be given your schedule at the end of first period.  Check your schedule – do you have at least 6 classes?  English?  Math?  PE/Health?  Science?  Elective?  (If college-bound, make sure you are meeting the subject A-G admission requirements – see CVHS Curriculum Guide.

•      Sign up for School Loop at You will need your student’s 7 digit identification number that is on their schedule or their ID card. School Loop will be available for registration after the first day of school.

•      Save samples of your best work for your academic portfolio throughout the school year.

•      Keep a log of your co-curricular activities to be used later to complete your resume for college applications.



•   The Second Progress Reporting period ends December.


•      Meet with your advisor/counselor during advisement to review your classes for the spring semester.

•      Possibly sign up online for SAT subject tests if applicable at   (See notes under June below.)


•   New semester begins.


•      Summer school applications are usually available at the end of the month.  If you have failed a class or need to improve a grade, it is wise to sign up early.  Applications are available on the front page of the website.


•    It’s not too early to think about colleges, so attend a college fair. The National Association of College Admissions Counselors offers several in our area. See the website: for more information. Look under Events Calendar.


•    Second Progress Reporting period ends in May.  Sign up for summer school if you have a D or F in a class.  Applications are available on the website and classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

•    Pick challenging classes for your sophomore year.


•       SAT Subject tests are held.  While not all colleges require the SAT Subject tests, many competitive schools do. Check with individual schools to determine any specific requirements.

•      Sign up at .  Use the High School Planner and enter your classes and grades from your first year in high school.  This Planner will help keep you on track for the A – G requirements for college admission. Grades for all A-G requirements must be C or higher.

  Summer Break

•       Make up any deficiencies you may have in your graduation requirements.

•     Practice online for the PSAT test that you should take in October of your sophomore year if you are 4-year college-bound.

•      Complete the assigned summer work for any Accelerated or AP classes you will be taking sophomore year.

•      Visit colleges that you are interested in! Take a tour, talk to students on campus and talk with admission representatives.  Do they have the major you want?

•      Possibly take a class at Saddleback College, get an internship, do community service or work at a job in a field that interests you.

Updated 8/27/2015