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E mail our CSF Presidents at if you have questions or suggestions!


CSF is currently accepting applications for SPring 21 - see below for details

FRESHMEN! You can now apply and students are highly encouraged to apply as soon as you are eligible! There will be two info meetings for help filling out the application on Friday, January 29 and Wednesday, February 3 during lunch on Zoom.

Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 322 027 8157

Passcode: CSF

Welcome to CSF

Founded in 1921, the California Scholarship Federation is the oldest scholastic, scholarship institution in the state of California. CSF emphasizes high standards of scholarship, and community service for California high school students. CSF encourages service to the school and the community while fostering pride in academic achievement.

CSF Membership is based on scholarship and is gained after qualifying grades are earned each semester. In order to become a member, the student must submit an application each semester the student is eligible. A point system specified in the CSF State By-Laws establishes the membership requirements. To secure eligibility for CSF membership, a student must earn sufficient points from pre-approved course lists. The majority of the required membership points must come from University of California accepted course work.

Life Membership (Sealbearer) is achieved by qualifying four or more semesters in the last three years of high school, and earns the CSF Gold Seal on diplomas and transcripts. One of the semesters must be from grades earned during the senior year.

How To Apply:

1. Fill out a CSF Application (download a copy of the Spring 2021 application from the locker below.

2. Print out your grades from LAST SEMESTER (Fall 2021) - you can access this from your student portal

3. Go to the Capo Webstore HERE and submit your donation. Print proof of purchase.

4. IN ORDER TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION, GO TO GOOGLE CLASSSROOM, (access code 7ws4mzy), FILL OUT THE APPLICATION AND USE AN APP LIKE CAMSCANNER (found for free wherever you get your apps) TO CREATE A SINGLE PDF OF ALL THREE DOCUMENTS - your filled out application, a copy of your transcripts, and proof of donation. SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION UNDER ASSIGNMENTS IN THE CSF GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE 12 NOON ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5th, 2021. Late applications will not be accepted.

*** Late applications will NOT be accepted, per the California Scholarship Federation Bylaws.

From the State CSF Website

What happens if a student misses the application deadline?

Membership is neither automatic nor compulsory. The By-Laws (Article IV, Section 2) and every chapter's mandatory Standing Rules (Article III, Section 3) require that the eligible student actually apply for membership, and retroactive membership (after the deadline) is prohibited. However, certain extreme circumstances may justify an exception to this rule; these may include: A lengthy absence from school during the application period; an incomplete grade completed (or a previously recorded grade changed) after the deadline, which qualifies a previously ineligible student. Excuses such as forgetting or not bothering to apply, inability to find one's report card in a timely fashion, failing to heed school announcements about the application period, absence on the last day of the application period, and other mundane excuses are not acceptable.

Contact us by email:

2020-21 Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Pallavi Gaikwad and Kathryn Heinemeier

Secretary: Jordan Chong

Historian: Megan Armbrust

Senior Reps: Taylor Chen and Makenna Malkin

Junior Reps: Kate Armbrust and Alysea Loreto

Sophomore Reps: Kylie Elam and Alex Zhao