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  • Food service saves 2,500 cardboard trays per month with the by request only distribution of snack trays. This will save about 26 trees every year.  Remember, trays = trees.
  • Enough water has been saved from on-campus bottles and cans recycling efforts to take a leisurely 20 hour shower. Or, it would allow every senior to have a quick, 3 minute shower.

Fun Facts

Wow - look at what we can do!

Since the recycling program began in September of 2007, the student body at CVHS has recycled about 63 tons of aluminum, glass, plastic, cardboard, and paper. Imagine the entire freshman class. If you combine their weights, that’s about the weight of all the materials you kept out of the landfills, just by recycling!

If you laid all of the bottles and cans recycled at CVHS since September 2007 end to end, they would stretch all the way from CVHS to Disneyland. And, once your there, you could buy about 95 2fer tickets with the almost $6,000 raised by the various recycling programs on campus. The newspaper and electronic waste drives raised about $1,000 each and bottle and cans recycling program has raised about $4,000.  

Everyone knows recycling saves energy, right? But did you know it also saves fossil fuels like gasoline? The recycling programs at CVHS saved enough gasoline to power a Prius around the equator almost 7 times! Better bring along some sweet jams…   Not only does recycling save gasoline, but it also reduces the amount of Earth-warming gases released by manufacturing new products out of recycled materials. In fact, because of CVHS’ recycling programs over 14 tons of carbon dioxide, the main contributor to global climate change, was not released. That’s the equivalent of taking a 2005 Hummer off the road for a year and a half!  

Imagine the football field. Now multiply that area by 21. Now imagine a tropical rainforest on that area. That’s about how many trees you’ve saved just by throwing your paper in the recycling bin for the past 2 years. Well done. Tarzan thanks you.  

You know the lights at the stadium? You saved enough energy by recycling to power those for the next three years at current usage rates. And you know the pool down by the gym? You’re recycling program saved enough water to fill it up 73% of the way.  

Keep up the good work, Cougars! You’re making a difference! CVHS continues to be the cleanest and greenest high school in South OC!

Even with these amazing programs, CVHS still throws away about $60 per day of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, bottles, cans and metals in the trash. This equals well over $10,000 per year! If this is divided equally among all 2800 students, everyone could get about 4 iTune songs per year, just from the trash.