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Awareness Month:


September: Suicide Prevention Month. 

For more information on Suicide Awareness & Prevention


October:  Bully Prevention Month

For more information on Bully Prevention


November:  National Career Development Month

For more information on Career Resources


December:  National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

For more information on Substance Abuse

January:  National Mentoring Month

February:  Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month

For more information on Teen Dating Violence Prevention




March:  Gender Equality Month

For more information on Gender Equality

April:  Child Abuse Prevention Month

For more information on Child Abuse Prevention


May:  Mental Health Month

For more information on Mental Health

June:  National Safety Month

Counselor's Corner

CVHS Counseling Department Beliefs:

  • All students have dignity and worth
  • All students should have access to a credentialed school counselor who advocates for their academic, career, and social/emotional needs
  • The school counseling program is planned and coordinated by the school counselors with input from staff and parents, as well as an advisory council composed of school counselors, students, parents, and staff
  • All students can be successful in a rich and rigorous environment
  • School counselors serve as leaders and collaborators in assessing barriers to learning and academic success and will advocate for equity and access to programs for all students
  • A strong education will lead students to be positive influences in the community and to obtain fulfilling careers
  • Students of varying abilities and strengths can mutually benefit in a diverse classroom environment
  • Learning is relevant to students when they apply their experiences in school to a variety of other settings
  • The achievement gap is an academic disparity between groups of students that can be completely eliminated
  • School counselors abide by the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors to make informed decisions based on the highest moral principles
  • Professional development is crucial for the school counselors to stay informed with current trends


CVHS Counseling Department Vision:


All students from CVHS have graduated college and career ready and are fully engaged in lifelong learning. They actively seek challenging and meaningful experiences that expand their worldview, possess the skills, abilities, and beliefs to achieve their fullest potential, and operate as productive citizens in a diverse global society.



CVHS Counseling Department Mission:


The mission of the Capistrano Valley High School Counseling Program is to empower all students to achieve their highest educational and personal potential and prepare them to meet their college and career goals in a safe and respectful learning environment. The school counseling program collaborates with students, parents, staff and community members to deliver a comprehensive, data driven program that helps all students to succeed, regardless of  race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. The school counseling program advocates for equity, access, and success for all students through a multi-tiered system of support. As a result, students gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for academic success, social and emotional development, and college and career readiness in a rapidly changing world.


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Counselor's Annual Calendar

Darwin Vega (A-K)


Hello, my name is Darwin Vega! I graduated from Cal State Long Beach where I earned my masters degree and credential in counseling. While in graduate school, I worked at LAUSD as a college advisor, and later as an English Language Development Aid for the OC Department of Education. Prior to that, I attended UC Santa Barbara where I studied sociology, psychology, and worked as an academic advisor for students (Go Gauchos!). 


I am from Santa Barbara California. When I am not at work, I enjoy going to the beach, walking my dog, and playing with my baby girl Gigi. My goal as a counselor is to help raise student achievement in academic, college/career and personal/social areas. I look forward to meeting with you (Go Cougars!).


Contact Information:


Phone:  (949) 364-6100 ext: 12023


Kathy Pelzer (L-Z)


Hi.  My name is Kathy Pelzer and I feel honored to serve as a school counselor at CVHS.  I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, and  completed Master's Degrees at Claremont Graduate School and Phillips Graduate Institute and completed my School Counseling Program at Azusa Pacific University.  Prior to becoming a School Counselor, I taught Middle School for 9 years and have practiced as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both outpatient and inpatient non-profit mental health organizations and hospitals.  I served as the President of the California Association of School Counselors and have been working as a school counselor for over 22 years.

I am from Southern California and currently live in Dana Point.  When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my family and 2 children, hiking, going to the beach and traveling.  My goal is to assist all students at CVHS in the areas of social/emotional and academic development, as well as assist students to be college and career ready.   


Contact Information:


Phone:  (949) 364-6100 ext: 12022

Reasons to See a School Counselor 


  • Academic Concerns
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bullying
  • Family Problems
  • Relationship Issues
  • Concern for a Friend/Peer
  • Abuse/Neglect
  • Self Harm
  • Drug/Alcohol Problems
  • Career Assistance/Guidance

Limits of Confidentiality