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Above and Beyond Awards

At the end of the year a PTSA committee works with the CVHS principal to select students, teachers and staff members who went Above and Beyond in serving the PTSA during their years at Capistrano Valley  High School.  Nominations are submitted to the committee by staff,  parents or students.  Recipients are announced at the CVHS Achievement Awards Ceremony in June.

Beautification Day

Help clean up the campus and get service hours, too! Landscaping help is needed for our extensive planting project this year. Bring wheelbarrows, shovels, outdoor gloves, clippers, rakes, etc.

The program is a success because we all work as a team to bring school pride and spirit to CVHS for the students, staff and community.

Cougar Growl

“The Cougar Growl” is Capistrano Valley High School’s premier newsletter that has provided our capo families with the most up to date school information for many years. Our Principal’s Message and PTSA President’s Letter discuss current events as well as our student’s accomplishments. School clubs, athletic, music and drama activities and improvements to our school both physically and academically are highlighted with each edition. 

Dance Chaperones

Being a dance chaperone is a fun experience. You get to see the kids having a good time and it's a brief opportunity to experience their world. Because security and teachers are present, being a chaperone is more about just being available than actual supervision. Chaperones help take tickets, sell snacks, and help with lost sweaters or access to lockers. After a few dances, the kids get to know your face and eventually your name and they know they can ask you for help if they need something. We're there to help the students have a fun and safe time. Oh, and you have to be able to appreciate really loud music!

Department Grants

Department Grants are one way Capo PTSA provides resources directly to the classrooms. The PTSA sets aside funds that teachers apply for to obtain materials such as books, videos and computer equipment that will enhance the classroom experience for the students. Donations can be made specifically to the Department Grant fund.

Evening with the Principal

Several evenings per school year the CVHS principal, Kevin Astor, provides parents an opportunity to discuss issues in a small, casual setting. During this time he talks about items that are of interest to parents and students through informal discussion. 

Freshman Parent Orientation

Freshman Parent Orientation is held on the campus the same date and time as the Freshman Orientation. When you drop your student off for Orientation the CVHS PTSA hosts a parent welcome and orientation so that you too will have an opportunity to become more familiar with our school. This is a great time to meet the principal, head of guidance and other parents. We provide tips on drop off and pick up and who to contract for information in addition to other useful information to know for the new four years. Learn about how you and your your student can get involved. At the end there will be a question and answer period. 

Library Volunteers

As everyone hopefully knows by now, volunteering by parents is vital to the smooth running of school activities. Often the staff is overwhelmed with work and the volunteers can make a strong difference in the lives of our students.

I am the coordinator for CVHS Library volunteers, who are most vigorously needed at the beginning of the year for help with textbook organization and distribution. There are two wonderful librarians on staff, Elaine Rico and MaryAnn Kretch who are extremely knowledgeable and capable people. But could two people really handle textbook distribution for thousands and thousands of kids and books? No Way!  The job is HUGE and starts several weeks before our students even get to school.  If you want to really make a difference and be of tremendous value to both the school and to your own children, please  consider becoming a member of the PTSA at registration.  You can check off the many choices of volunteer opportunities - library being one of them - and feel good about being an active participant in the success of the high school experience.  In many way these days, the PTSA volunteers are the shoulders upon which the school world can properly function. Yes - you are THAT important!

Thanks in advance for all the assistance in the year to come!

Paw Print Shop

The copy room was named the "Paw Print Shop" by a PTA president years ago , but volunteers have fondly been dubbed "the Copy Mamas" (we've never had dads work in the room.....just doesn't work with dad-type schedules).   The Capo copy center provides light copying for the administrators, faculty, and staff throughout the year (manuals, workbooks, and large quantity orders are done at the district graphics department). The week is currently broken down into 15 time slots. Volunteers commit to a 1.5 hour weekly shift making copies for school use. The staff member leaves a work order, the "Copy Mamas" make the copies within the next few days, and leave them for the teachers to pick up. The beauty of this system is that the staff doesn't have to waste time standing in line/making copies, and can use their time in a more productive manner. Volunteers have the opportunity to see what is being taught in the classroom and occasionally interface with faculty.



The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students. The Reflections Program provides opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by a pre-selected theme, while increasing community awareness on the importance of the arts in education.  Click here for complete stories and forms. The theme for 2011 - 2012 is "Diversity means...".

Please consider entering your original art work inspired by the theme in any of six areas: photography, musical composition, literature, visual arts, dance choreography and film production.  All entries will receive a participation certificate and will be judged, with the winning entry in each category going on to represent our school at the PTA council level and well as receiving an award from CVHS PTSA.

Additional forms can be found in the CVHS Library.  The deadline for entries is Tuesday, October 11 at 2:45 pm to the CVHS library. 


Department Grants are one way Capo PTSA provides resources directly to the classrooms. The PTSA sets aside funds that teachers apply for to obtain materials such as books, videos and computer equipment that will enhance the classroom experience for the students. Donations can be made specifically to the Department Grant fund.

Shape It Cougars


Are you ready for the challenge?  During this fun week at Capo Valley High School enjoy:

  • Daily Fruit Cart,

  • Healthy Eating Ideas,

  • Yoga Class, and

  • Tug a War Tournament. 

Join the fun, and BE FIT and BE HEALTHY!!

Spirit of the Cougar Lunch

At the end of each semester, teachers are asked to select one student from their classes to recognize for their hard work and achievement. It may be a student who worked hard to pull grades up or one who goes the extra mile to do better. Teachers invite student to a PTSA hosted lunch. The student's name is announced and they have their photograph taken with the teacher who invited them. The goal of the program is to recognize students for their efforts.

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher and staff appreciation was created to say "Thank you for helping our children succeed in high school"

And since we all have very busy schedules we have several opportunities throughout the year for parents to get involved, all you have to do is send some healthy or not so healthy treats for our teachers and staff to show that we appreciate their hard work. 

Watch for the scheduled days.

PTSA Programs