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Christy Curtis

Ms. Christy Curtis

Please download, read, and sign Physical Education Course Description located in "Locker". Submit through dropbox or print and return - signed form is first class assignment.  Additional off campus waiver form due for Yoga and Power Walk. 

Swim Information for PE 9 -- Please Read




August 19 – September 2


Students enrolled in Physical Education will meet the following California Physical Education State Standard:

Standard 1:  Demonstrate knowledge and competency in motor skills, movement patterns and strategies needed to perform a variety of physical activities.


Demonstrate proficient movement skills in:  Aquatics, Dance/Rhythms, Individual Activities and Dual Activities


Throughout this unit, students will be expected to bring the following to class in addition to the PE uniform:

  • Bathing suit (board shorts or trunks—male; 1 or appropriate 2-piece suit—female)
  • T-shirts or board shorts may be worn over the swim suit as long as it does not interfere with ability to swim or perform drills
  • PE uniforms are NOT to be worn  as bathing suit attire
  • Bring a towel and plastic bag (for wet suit) to class


If a student is unable to participate, the student still must wear PE uniform and will be given an on deck, dryland physical workout. In addition to a non-participation grade, students will be assigned written book work for partial credit.


Monday class will consist of cardio conditioning and students need to wear appropriate shoes and PE uniform.


Any questions, please feel free to contact me:

Thank youJ