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Mr. Waldukat
Photo Credit: Wendy McElfish
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Contact Andreas Waldukat  Andreas Waldukat (949) 364-2744 Director of Instrumental Music- Department Chair, Visual & Performing Arts
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Instrumental Music Department

Philharmonic Society High School Symphony Orchestra Festival


Philharmonic Society High School Orchestra Festival

Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall
Saturday March 9, 2019

4th & 5th Period Perform

Counts Towards Concert Attendance

The Philharmonic Society's sixth annual High School Orchestra Festival spotlights the young talent of Orange County's high schools, allowing students to perform on the professional stage of a world-class concert hall. An adjudicated event designed as a showcase instead of a competition, each orchestra provides a 30-minute concert. Ticket holders have in/out privileges, allowing them to enjoy the entire day and evening performances.

Participating high schools for the 2019 High School Orchestra Festival are listed below. Use the promotion code in order for 50% of every ticket sold to benefit the respective school.


Performance Time


Ticket Code

5:30pm - 6pm

Capistrano Valley High School


Purchase Tickets Here- Use Code CAPISTRANO

$15.00 General Admission

50% of Ticket Sales is given back to CVHS Instrumental Music with the use of code CAPISTRANO


The Renee & Henry Segerstrom Center

600 Town Center Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Capistrano Valley high School Symphony Orchestra Schedule

3:45 pm Meet Outside (Wear Concert Black)

4:00 pm Go Inside to Instrument Storage

4:45 pm Warm Up

5:30 pm Performance



9th Grade Audition Information

Capistrano Valley Instrumental Music 9th Grade Audition Information


Band Students

  • Auditions ARE NOT required for Concert Band!
    • (Auditions 05/20/19)
      • Monday May 20th 4:00-5:30- CVHS Room T-115
        • Audition requirements below….
          • only if interested in upper ensemble placement

Wind Ensemble

All Major & Minor Scales - Circle of 4ths pattern

2 minutes or less


Orchestra Students

  • Auditions ARE NOT required!
    • Those who wish to audition for an advanced ensemble may do so.
      • (Auditions 05/20/19)
        • Monday May 20th 4:00-5:30- CVHS Room T-115
          • Audition requirements below….
            • only if interested in upper ensemble placement

String Orchestra

Scale Folder on the Capo Page

3rd Period

All Major Scales - 1st & 2nd Octave - Circle of 5ths pattern

2 minutes or less

(Scales available to print on the CVHS Music Web Page)


5th Period

3rd Octave + all requirements of the 3rd period group

3 minutes or less


School Instrument Check-Out


If you plan on using a school instrument this school year, please fill out the instrument check out form located here.

Vision Statement

Capistrano Valley High School Instrumental Music
Vision Statement
Develop a program to the highest level such that the students may take the skills developed into all aspects of life.
This will be accomplished by:
1)       Setting positive examples of leadership and dedication through parental involvement.
2)       Creating an environment that nurtures and encourages a student’s individual growth through participation in and appreciation of all forms of music.
3)       Providing an educational experience, both musically and socially, where students learn to develop themselves to their fullest potential.
4)      Learning how to work together in a team environment with students from other instrument families as well as other Capistrano Valley organizations.

Instrumental Music Department

Welcome to the School Loop Page for the Instrumental Music Department. The calendar's inside your course locker are functional, and updated through December 2016. More dates for Festivals and official rehearsal times will be posted when that information is available.


 Remember to check the site often, as dates and times evolve on a regular basis.

Thank you for your continued support of CVHS Instrumental Music.

You have a very nice Instrumental Music Department. =]


Instrumental Music Calendar

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