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Katy Miller

Capistrano Valley High School

26301 Via Escolar

Mission Viejo, CA 92626





Teacher:  Ms. Katy Miller


Course Description:  Spanish is a college preparatory class.  The rigorous curriculum provides the student with communicative experiences in a variety of contextual settings.  Students will study reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, cultural attitudes, art, music, geography, and customs of the Spanish speaking world.  Curriculum is aligned with the National Teaching Standards for World Languages, the California State Teaching Standards, and the Capistrano Unified School District Standards.


Prerequisite:  “C“or better in former level of Spanish.  Success is connected to the mastery of previous learning.  As Spanish is sequentially developed, new learning is built upon previous learning.


Instructional Strategies:  Instruction is student centered and communication based.  Classroom business and learning activities are conducted primarily in Spanish.  These activities will include a wide variety of teaching methods such as:  picture description, interviews, surveys, paired information searches, songs, group problem solving, original skits, presentations, note taking, reading, and writing.  Consistent and ongoing attendance and oral participation is mandatory. 


Grades and College:  World language is an entrance requirement of both the University of California and the California State University College systems.  Students must earn a minimum of a “C” grade in order for the course to count toward college admission.


Grading:          Homework / Projects – 20%               Tests / Quizzes / Orals – 40%


Participation – 15%                Final Exam – 15%      Compositions – 10%


Grades are available online at, and will be updated regularly.  Please allow time for grading / processing.  Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning and progress. Students should view their grades online on a regular basis. In the event of a discrepancy, students have TWO WEEKS FROM THE DATE OF THE ASSIGNMENT/TEST to submit evidence in writing to teacher in order to rectify discrepancy.


The following grading scale is used:


A          100-90             B          89-80               C          79-70               D         69-60


*At the semester mark, grades ending in 89.5, 79.5, 69.5, 59.5%  and above will be given the 90, 80, 70, and 60% letter grade accordingly*


Homework:  Homework is assigned regularly and offers practice necessary for language mastery.  Students are responsible for completing homework ON TIME.  In the case of an excused absence students have until the following class meeting to turn in the assigned work.     



Course Materials:  Listed below are recommended materials for students taking Spanish. 



Composition book

One folder/ notebook for organizing

Index cards






A voluntary donation of $5.00 is appreciated in order to provide extra materials for class activities.


Please note that the Constitution of the State of California requires that we provide a public education to you free of charge. Your right to a free education is for all school/educational activities, whether curricular or extracurricular, and whether you get a grade for the activity or class.  Subject to certain exceptions, your right to a free public education means that we cannot require you or your family to purchase materials, supplies, equipment or uniforms for any school activity, nor can we require you or your family to pay security deposits for access, participation, materials, or equipment. 


Excused AbsencesStudents are responsible for all learning that occurs in class even when they are absent.  It is recommended that when absent, students work with an amigo in order to stay current with the class and work deadlines, and to arrange to pick up any necessary materials.  Upon returning from an absence, students may visit room J1 for handouts and information, even if it is a day when that particular class does not meet.  If the absence is going to extend more than one day, it is advisable to contact the teacher.  An absence is NOT an automatic excuse from a deadline.


Make-ups: All make-ups are to be completed within TWO WEEKS of the original class date that the work was due.  Students MUST arrange to do this during a tutorial period within that time frame.  Test and quiz scores will revert to a ZERO in the event that this is not adhered to.  (Students may also arrange to do work ahead of time in anticipation of an absence.)


Amigos/Tutors: It is expected that students will work together.  Students need to keep a list of classmates and phone numbers/emails.  These are study buddies and help keep absent students up to date.  Advanced CVHS Spanish students offer tutoring services, some for a nominal fee, and some for community service.  The teacher is available for extra help during tutorial and by appointment.


Home study time:  According to research, the average US high school student in a class of average difficulty needs to study a minimum of TWENTY minutes per day per class.  Studying does not equal doing assignments!  In order to be successful in Spanish class, students must study and practice daily.  This means studying even on the days when the class does not meet, due to block scheduling.


Parent Communication / Conferences:  Email and Schoolloop are the easiest and most reliable methods of communication (school voicemail is not as efficient or direct).  The email address for Ms. Miller is: if the need arises, students are to initiate a student-teacher meeting prior to the scheduling of a parent conference.