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International Baccalaureate Music

IB Music SL

Music SL IB

UC/CSU 11, 12


Length of Course: Year *Prerequisite The IB Music - Group Performance course (SL) provides the student with opportunities and guidance in the development of musical knowledge, including understanding of diverse musical genres; in-depth study of the language and symbol-systems of music internationally; and the refinement and honing of ensemble performance skills. As a member of the year-long Wind Ensemble or Orchestra course, students will:

❖ Learn and be able to demonstrate the use of appropriate musical language and terminology to describe and reflect their critical understanding of music.

❖ Develop their perceptual skills in response to music

❖ Learn and be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of music in time and place.

❖ Demonstrate development of their performance skills through ensemble music-making.


Through the analysis of selected diverse listening examples and printed scores, students will learn the language, the notation and the fundamental elements of music. Through further investigation, students will explore the usage of the elements of music in a variety of contexts – through music of various cultures, styles and genres.

Students will perform in two or more public performances during the school year, and will analyze the recordings from these performances to assist in the development of ensemble performance skills. Students will also learn rudimentary conducting skills to refine their concept of ensemble performance.

*Concurrent enrollment in Wind Ensemble or Orchestra is required

Music HL IB

Music HL IB


Length of Course: Year *Prerequisite

The IB Music HL is a two-year program resulting in an International Baccalaureate Certificate or Diploma. The course will emphasize performance and composition. Students will be required to keep a composition portfolio and perform a lecture-recital. Students will prepare for the IB Music HL exam.

Study will include melodic analysis, harmonic analysis, rhythm reading, transposition, composition, ear training, sight-singing, score reading, musical vocabulary, and basic piano skills. Students will be required to participate in high school performances.

Higher Level students must complete the Solo Performance requirement (20 minutes of music) and 3 fully notated compositions totaling 5-15 minutes.

Upon completion of the course, the student will demonstrate an awareness and general knowledge of Western Music from the Middle Ages to the present. Demonstrate an understanding of the cultural and musical characteristics of music inherent in indigenous or non-Western cultures. Demonstrate knowledge of the rudiments of music, including scales, intervals, chords (to the 7th), tonality, modality, key signatures, meter, rhythm, and how each element is employed throughout the various eras and cultures studied. Demonstrate an understanding of the evolution and interpretation of notational systems from the Middle Ages to the present.


*IB Music SL and teacher approval

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IB Music Faculty
Tim Garrity Teacher
Dina Kubba IB Coordinator
Andreas Waldukat (949) 364-2744 Director of Instrumental Music- Department Chair, Visual & Performing Arts