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New Student Enrollment Information

NEW STUDENT Enrollment Requirements

New Student Enrollment for Fall 2022 


Families new to CUSD:

  • Step 1: Please contact the Guidance Office Clerk/Registrar to confirm your neighborhood school or click on the link below to be connected to the Capistrano Unified School District Website.  This link provides an opportunity to verify your neighborhood home school by typing in your street address. CUSD School Locator App
  • Step 2: Complete our online Aeries Internet Registration (2022-2023) to enroll your student at CVHS.  Once your student is enrolled you will receive an email detailing the next steps and what to bring to New Student Enrollment.
  • Step 3: Contact the Guidance Office for a New Students Enrollment appointment. 949-364-6100
  • our student will also meet with his or her academic advisor to select fall classes. Although some classes and programs become impacted, we do our best to accommodate students into requested courses.


Feeder School students or CUSD School of Choice student:


Documents & Forms Needed for Enrollment


Check List

Document Name


Utility Bill

[Gas, water or electric bill only!]

Mortgage Statement or Rental Agreement


Proof of Residency 

(CUSD School Board Policy cf.5111. Admission)



The enrolling student must be living with a blood relative or guardian who lives within the Capistrano Valley High School attendance area.  The relative/guardian must submit two documents for verification of residency (must be current electric, gas or water/sewer bill, mortgage, lease or rental agreement).  If the student and parent reside with someone else they must have a driver’s license with the new address.  A bank statement or other bill with their name and address on it will suffice as well.

If there is any reason to question a student’s residence, the principal or designee may make a home visit, require the parent/guardian to sign a statement under penalty or perjury as to the validity of his/her residence, or require additional documents establishing proof of residence.

No prior enrollment in any CUSD School

Prior CUSD   Attendance


Birth Certificate


A copy of the student’s birth certificate is required if the student has not previously been enrolled at a school in California.




Immunization Record


Students will not be admitted without proper documentation of immunization.  A copy of the “Yellow” Health Record or other Official Health Record (School or doctor) must be provided to the school.



Unofficial Transcript or Report Cards 


An unofficial transcript or report card is necessary to ensure the student is placed in the appropriate classes to meet CUSD graduation requirements.  Please provide this document as follows:

Any student transferring mid-semester will need to bring “in progress withdrawal grades” from their previous school.   After a student has enrolled at Capistrano Valley High School, the guidance office will request the official records/cum file from the previous school.

Additional paperwork that may be required:
  • If you are assuming responsibility for a child with the permission of that child's parents, you will need to complete a Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit. Forms are available at the school from the Registrar. The form must be completed prior to the registration meeting with the academic advisor.
  • If your child needs Special Education, please bring a copy of the latest I.E.P. (Individualized Education Plan)
  • If you are requesting Honors placement, please bring certification and placement recommendations from the previous school.
  • If English is the student's second language, preliminary assessment will be done.  Further assessment may be needed.
You may wish to confirm that you reside within the Capistrano Valley High School attendance area prior to making an appointment to enroll your child. We frequently have students arrive to enroll only to find out they are at the wrong school. We are happy to assist you to determine the appropriate school site for your student(s). Please call the registrar if you have any questions. 949-364-6100 


Immediately after enrollment, a Registration Packet may be provided to the student.  All required registration forms must be completed and turned in during walk through registration or on the first date of attendance.

Parents and Students are required to use the Parent Portal to update Student/Parent/Contact Information. All students must complete the registration process every year. This includes current CUSD students who are automatically enrolled from the prior middle schools and Capistrano Valley HS students from the prior school year of attendance. These required forms includes the following:

  • Data Confirmation through Parent Portal OR Student Information Card/Emergency Card
  • Student Ethnicity/Race
  • Acknowledgement Card
  • Voluntary Drug Testing Program Form
  • McKinney-Vento Assistance Act
  • Migrant Education Program (if applicable)

Registration Information 2022-2023: Current Students

Packet Pick-up: Registration:
(time determined by birth month)
  Seniors - TBD
   Juniors - TBD
  Sophomores - TBD
  Freshman - TBD
  Make-up Registration: TBD
  Freshman and New Student Orientation