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A-G Requirements

CSU and UC Eligibility Requirements**

Subjects Years

A- History/SocSci


B- English


C- Math
(Algebra I and II,


D- Lab Sci
(1 year physical
1 year biological)


E- Foreign Language


F- Vis Perf Art

G- Clg Prep Elect
(elective chosen from
any approved “a-f” course)


Incoming 9th Graders Fall 2018

Academic Advisors will visit feeder middle schools in February to inform students about course registration and to answer questions.

  • Newhart - Feb 20th
  • Marco Forster - Feb 21st
  • Hankey - Feb 22nd

Students will be choosing their classes on the Student Portal. Students should speak with their teachers and family to determine the best elective selection. Core subject course placement is based on district criteria and guidelines. Math placement is tentative and will be confirmed after 4th quarter grades.

Adding Classes Via the Student Portal:

  • Review the 5 courses you were placed in based on district guidelines
  • Review electives, special programs and athletics on yellow letter sent home at Advisor visit
  • Add 1 or 2 additional course. For most students this will be a language or a fine art. Some students will have two electives (ex. language and fine art, language and STEM). In this situation your Advisor will likely remove Health/CCP from your schedule to make the classes fit.
  • Classes cannot be deleted from the portal 

The letter sent home with 8th graders is linked on the right side of this page. Please read carefully as it explains how to register for classes. 


Club and Class Applications



Model United Nations

Course Placement Guidelines

Please utilize the CUSD Placement Guidelines to establish what classes are most appropriate for your schedule next year. 


These guidelines correspond with CVHS Course Offerings and cover all subjects! 

Required Classes

1. English (year-long)

2. Science (year-long)

3. Math (year-long)

4. CCP/Health (semester each)

5. PE 9 or Sport (must be in PE 9 or a sport each semester)

6. Elective (year-long) - STEM, world language, fine art, AP World, Honors World

Freshmen must have a minimum of 6 classes. A few will have 7.

We encourage our families to read our High School Course Catalog for course descriptions. Students who do not choose an elective class via the student portal will have their class selected for them.