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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my parent’s email account for my Student Portal?

No, each account must have a separate and unique email.


How do I indicate I want zero period?

Click on the Course Requests drop box and select Electives.

Click on Course # 7976 0 PD Request to add to courses


Can my parents add my courses through their portal account?

No, your parents can only view your courses.  The Student Portal accounts can add the courses.


Where do I find my Verification Code?

Come to the Guidance Office for assistance. 

A-G Requirements

 CSU and UC Eligibility Requirements**    

Subjects Years

A- History/SocSci    


B- English 


C- Math 
(Algebra I and II,


D- Lab Sci
(1 year physical
1 year biological) 


E- Foreign Language 


F- Vis Perf Art 

G- Clg Prep Elect 
(elective chosen from
any approved “a-f” course)

The library has computers available for students to use to log on to their portal. 
If you need further assistance with your portal, please come to the Guidance Office.


Parents were required to open a parent portal account as part of the registration process. Some of the tools within parent portal include: updating and keeping emergency contact information updated all year long, viewing live up-to-the-minute attendance data, viewing and printing unofficial transcripts, viewing and printing test scores including college test scores,  viewing course requests during registration and viewing current class schedule.


Students should also create a Student Portal account so that they have access to the same information and records as the Parent Portal. Students need their seven digit student ID number, an email address (must be different than their parents’), and the unique verification code that was used to create the Parent Portal account (This number can be obtained from the CVHS guidance office).  Beginning March 1st, CVHS students will use their Student Portal account to complete the course request process to choose electives. It is essential for students to have a valid Student Portal account to properly request courses. Students do not have the ability to change the data that parents enter in the Parent Portal. Information regarding opening a Student Portal account is available at

General Advisement Information

Choosing courses for Fall 2021 for Current CVHS Students

For with the upcoming registration for the fall semester of 2021, students in grades 9-11 will be submitting their course requests electronically. Advisement Day is February 25th and students will receive course offerings and instructions. Course requests will be able to be submitted through the Student Portal until March 7th.  All requests must be submitted from the Student Portal account but can be viewed from the Parent Portal accounts. Student Portal Instructions 

CVHS Course Offerings

Coming Soon

CCA Course Offerings

Coming Soon

It is extremely important that your student creates his/her own Student Portal account immediately and completes this process in a timely fashion.  Failure to submit a course request, electronically or in print, may result in your student being placed on a wait list for courses in high demand and/or make it difficult to get their first choice of elective classes.  You can log in to the Parent/Student Portal at  There are also helpful  FAQ’s and videos to assist you in creating your account. If you have any questions regarding creating an account you can receive assistance by emailing Portal Instructions 

Applications & Forms

Newspaper - CVHS Times


Model United Nations (MUN) 

Yearbook Application

AVID Application


Spring Advisement 

Spring Advisement is in full swing. Students have received course offerings for the Spring Semester and must go into their Student Portal to add or view classes. The Parent/Student Portal can be found in the drop down menu of the "I'm Looking For...." section on our CVHS website. Portal Instructions

Most student’s schedules will not change. Examples of changes include adding a sport or a CCA (CTE, ROP) class. If you did not receive course offerings or need assistance, students are welcome come by the Guidance Office. Course Offerings

All students will meet with their Academic Advisors the weeks of Nov. 28th or Dec. 5th to discuss classes, academic progress and future course progress. Please make sure you visit the Student Portal prior to November 27th.