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Actors Repertory

Actors’ Repertory

UC/CSU 10, 11, 12

Length of Course: Semester *Prerequisite


This advanced course offers the student experience in performance situations. The student will study acting, directing, producing, and dramaturgy through multiple performance experiences. There is a prerequisite of one year of Advanced Drama for this course and/or Drama/Musical Comedy and admission into the class is by audition only.  This class is suggested as a pre-requisite for IB Theatre. Meets the F-requirement for Fine Arts for UC/CSU and HS graduation.

* Audition and completion of Advanced Drama and/or Drama/Musical Comedy



Auditions for Actors' Rep Class

If you have taken Advanced Drama at Capo or another high school, and/or been in a play or musical at Capo, you are eligible to audition for the Actors' Repertory class.  Auditions will be held each year in May after school, and also in Advanced Drama class as the final.  If you are not in Advanced Drama, but have taken it in years past, or are transferring from a school where you took the equivalent of Adv. Drama, you will need to film your two monologues and share them with Mrs. Tucker.  Please email for details. This year, the video will be due no later than Sunday May 16th.  You will need to prepare two contrasting monologues in order to show your range of characters you can play.  The monologues should be memorized, and should be from a published (and well known) play (not TV, movie, or novel, etc.).  Each monologue should be no more than about a minute.  They can contrast in genre (one comedy, one drama), or time period (one Shakespearean, one modern), etc.  Auditions are due by May 16th. If you need more information email Mrs. Tucker.

*COVID-19 Update:  Due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing, auditions for Actors' Rep will take place online.  You will need to film and send in your audition to Mrs. Tucker by May 16th.  Instructions above still apply (2 contrasting monologues, no more than 1 minute each).  At the beginning of the video, please slate both pieces.  You will have 2:30 total.