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Colors of the Middle East

Club Advisor

Khalil, Mme

2010~2011 Executive Board Members

For the year 2010~2011, our executive board will consist of:


Harris Mateen as President


Marc Rosales as Vice President


Shadi Houshangi as Treasurer


Young Hak Kim as Media


Angelica Cruz as Secretary


Tina Krunic as Event Coordinator


Emily McGrath as Historian


Steven McFann as Publicity


Our multicultural executive members represent the diversity of Colors of the Middle East in our aspiration for racial equality and equal representation.  We are proud of our own unique colors and hope to spread our reverberating confidence to those who need it.  Feel free to approach any of us with questions about the club and join us in our meetings to be a part of the work we do.

What is Colors of the Middle East?

"Colors of the Middle East" is more than just a club; it is a way of life. Capistrano Valley boasts hundreds of different nationalities that span the globe, and "Colors of the Middle East" gives every single person on campus a warm welcome. Our motto is simple: it doesn't matter what you look like, what you believe in, or what color you are, we ALL represent the "Colors of the Middle East." Our purpose is to introduce the world to what the Middle East is REALLY about, and we foster the values of community, tolerance, understanding, acceptance, and love, while we share the Middle East's culture, food, and music. We believe that in sharing these values, we can all create a beautiful community to be admired by others. No matter who you are, "Colors of the Middle East" welcomes anyone and everyone with open arms. So, what are you waiting for? Come on down and show us your true COLORS!