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Summer Work 2014


English I Accelerated | There is no summer work for incoming English I Acc. freshmen

English II Accelerated | Mrs. Akbarzadeh | Mrs. CarlisleMrs. Brincks | download packet

IB 3 / AP Language and Composition | Mr. Stender | download packet 

IB 4Mr. Stender | download packet

AP Literature | Mrs. Garrity | There is no summer work for incoming AP Literature seniors

  • Suggestion: From September to April, we will be reading the following five books:  King Lear, Candide, Jane Eyre, Crime and Punishment, and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.  If you would like to make the coming year easier for yourself, pick from among the second, third, or fourth books in this sequence to read ahead of time. 


AP/IB Computer ScienceMrs. Kubba | download packet

Foreign Language

German Levels 1-5 | Frau Claus | website link


Algebra II Trig. Accelerated | Mrs. Roach | download packet

ATMS Honors Precalculus / IB Math SL | Mrs. Kubba | download packet

Honors Precalculus | Mrs. Roach | Mrs. Harrington | download packet

Topics in CalculusMrs. Roach | download packet

AP Calculus AB | Mrs. Harrington | download packet

AP Calculus BC an IB Math HL | Mr. Grabowski | download packet

AP Statistics | Mrs. Shinavar | download packet


AP Biology | Ms. Perez | download packet

AP Chemistry | Ms. Crawford | Document(s) coming soon

AP Physics 1 or IB SL Physics | Mr. Cahill | Document 1 | Document 2

AP Physics CMr. Cahill | download packet

IB Biology | Ms. Phelps | download packet 

AP Environmental Science | Ms. Phelps | download packet 

IB Chemistry | Mrs. Chaban | Instructions | Document 1 | Document 2

The summer homework packet is also available in D4. Get the textbook from the CVHS library.

Social Science

AP World History | Mrs. McDaniel | download packet | Reading 1 | Reading 2 | Reading 3

AP US History | Mr. Carlisle | Instructions | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

AP European History | Dr. Corbett | TBA