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Breakfast Club

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Loopmail Nick Zeffiro, Brenna Giacchino, or Paige Halbert for more information.

The Breakfast Club


All Breakfast Club information and events are posted on our Facebook page: CVHS Breakfast Club . Join the group today to get connected! Anyone can join so invite friends :)

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Okay guys so the Breakfast Club Bake Sale is being rescheduled. Once we get the new date I will let all of you know when it will be. Thanks for everyone who offered to bring things! Stay posted.

Breakfast Club

Fact - 30,273 peoples starve to death per day.

5 million starve to death world wide each year.

So why not help out? The Breakfast Club deals with eating and serving food to our local communtiy and club members. Our main purpose is to feed the needy when we can wherever we can. We will also be hosting food drives and dinner parties to help fund those in need. Yes we realize this is the Breafast Club not the Dinner Club, but who said we can't have pancakes for dinner? Students would be involved with meaningful activities that unite us with the reality of the world. So get involved! Join the Breakfast Club, who doesn't love food?