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Don't Be Distracted!

There are SEVERAL things that can cause distractions during instructional time. Cell phones, iPods or other MP3 players, and gaming devices are just a few. Because of this, there will be a STRICT classroom policy regarding these objects of distraction. Students will be asked to keep all backpacks, purses, and jackets on the floor during instructional time. There is absolutely NO reason why your cell phone should be out, therefore if I see it in class, I will confiscate it WITHOUT WARNING and turn it in to the front office where you can pick it up at the end of the school day. 

Mrs. Candice Harrington


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STUDENTS: Come see me with questions, comments, or any other issue that needs to be addressed AS SOON AS THEY COME UP. Waiting to see if issues will “work themselves out” is unnecessary as I am MORE THAN HAPPY to help you with ANY issues/questions you have. So many times students wait until the end of the chapter or worse, the end of the semester to address issues with grades and comprehension and by then it is often too late to do anything effective. I cannot stress this enough: COME TO ME AS SOON AS AN ISSUE COMES UP!!!

Student Responsibilities

  • Students should not miss school for any reason (even excused absences can cause problems).
  • Come to class prepared and on time.
  • Listen attentively and follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Make good use of tutorials – it is a great opportunity to catch up, review, and study for upcoming exams. Do not assume that you will have time to work on homework (from our class or any other class!) during our tutorials.
  • Make both homework and studying—these are not the same thing!—DAILY priorities. Math is very much like a foreign language – it takes DAILY practice to master.
  • Space out your studying. You’ll retain more information if you study a little every day as opposed to waiting to cram at the last minute. 
  • Come see me with questions, comments, or any other issue that needs to be addressed. Do not wait until the last minute!!!

Parent Responsibilities

With your help, your student can achieve his/her highest goals. Here are a few tips to ensure your student has the best chance to succeed!


  1. Students should use the tutorial period wisely. It is not social time.
  2. Students should not miss school for any reason (even excused absences can cause problems).
  3. Encourage your students to ask for help when they don’t understand something.
  4. Students shouldn't work more than 10 hours a week at a part time job. Research proves it helps!
  5. Parents use SchoolLoop to view updated grades and homework. Ask how, if needed.
  6. Students should spend at least 1 hour on schoolwork a night.
  7. Students should study for all tests/quizzes using the study guide, class notes, and homework.
  8. Students should use a reminder binder/calendar to write down due dates for all assignments, tests, projects, etc.
  9. Encourage your student to read and/or rewrite class notes NIGHTLY!!!!
  10. Create a study group and meet in the library one lunch a week.
  11. Use a highlighter on your notes to help you study.
  12. Please find time to sit down with your child nightly and encourage them to complete their homework. Students are not adults yet. They may look like adults, but they still need your support and guidance. Look at SchoolLoop together and see what assignments and tests are coming up.
  13. All students have homework every night. Textbook reading and independent recreational reading is a requirement for ALL classes. Your child should bring their books home and read. “I have no homework” is not a legitimate statement from your child at any time during the school year. Research shows reading ahead primes the brain for the next lesson...if they all caught up then encourage them to read ahead!
  14. NEVER hesitate to e mail me if you have ANY questions or concerns about your child's progress. I am willing to meet/speak with you on a regular basis if you'd like. You can e mail me through SchoolLoop or at at any time!


Nothing Posted

Tardy Policies

Student tardiness is disruptive to the teacher and to other students in the class. Further, being tardy prevents you from hearing important announcements and due dates. The following list outlines the district's policy on tardies:


1st – 3rd Action - At teacher’s discretion, teacher may notify by phone.

4th Action - At teacher’s discretion, teacher may notify by phone. If the teacher’s assigned detention is not served, a referral for defiance of authority will be issued.

5th & 6th Action - Teacher notifies student, referral to office, After School Detention assigned.

7th Action - In House Suspension and Behavior Contract.

8th Action - Saturday School and Parking Privileges revoked for the semester.

9th Action and each thereafter - Student is sent by teacher directly to CSI for the remainder of the period.

Absence Policy


Students are expected to attend class regularly. New topics will be taught every day and it is extremely difficult to catch up. Please do not schedule dental/doctor/DMV appointments during the school day unless it is absolutely necessary. Any absence, either excused or not, can cause you undo hardship. 

If you have an excused absence (due to illness, medical appointments, funerals, and any other event that the SCHOOL deems as excused) on days homework is due, you may turn it in for full credit upon your return. 

If your absence is unexcused (non-medical appointment, vacations, and any event the school deems as “unexcused”) or if you are truant, your homework will be considered late and can only earn up to half credit.

Students with an excused absence (due to illness, medical appointments, funerals, and any other event that the SCHOOL deems as “excused”) may make up exams and quizzes. 

If you are truant on an exam day, you may NOT make up the exam and your score will remain a ZERO.