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Khalil, Mme
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French Club


for the 2011-12 French Club officers

will be held this Friday, May 27 in J5

 If you're a member, you can run!




Join the French Club at CVHS!  Learn about French culture through food, festivals, music, and film.  This club is open to ALL students.  Meet new friends, catch up with old friends, serve our community and fellow members in need, and get a great taste of French culture without leaving Mission Viejo!

Congratulations to 2010-11 Officers!  Feel free to contact us for more info.  In the meantime, please stay tuned via this web site and join our Facebook group to stay updated on meetings and event dates.  Have a great year!!

Basma Radwan, President

Emily McGrath and Shadi Houshangi, Co Vice-Presidents

Angelica Cruz, Secretary

Melissa Joseph, Treasurer

Isabella Martin, Publicist

Rebecca Turley, Webmaster

Saloni Hegde, Historian

Faculty Advisor:  Mlle. Khalil