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Boys Golf

Boys Golf Tryouts

Thank you to all the boys who attended tryouts.  If you are on the following list please report to Coach Minier's room H-6 on Wednesday at lunch to pick up paperwork for the season.  Congratulations on making a team!


Keenan Prijoles

Thanh Tran

Jake Hoiseth

Steven Chan

Dylan Kennedy

Garrett Babcock

Jake Beyer

Jack Feider

Curren Mezak

Harlan Tsui

Matt D’Avolio


Servite Tournament 2nd Place

Servite Tournament 2nd Place

South Coast League finals 2014


     Roman Aragon (1st Place)        Graydon Hughes (3rd Place)

Hanging out with Phil Mickelson

Hanging with Phil Mickelson

Summer Golf Camp

IMGP2085.jpg IMGP2087.jpg IMGP2088.jpg IMGP2089.jpg IMGP2090.jpg IMGP2091.jpg IMGP2092.jpg IMGP2093.jpg IMGP2094.jpg IMGP2095.jpg IMGP2096.jpg IMGP2097.jpg IMGP2098.jpg IMGP2099.jpg IMGP2101.jpg IMGP2102.jpg IMGP2105.jpg IMGP2106.jpg IMGP2107.jpg IMGP2108.jpg IMGP2109.jpg IMGP2113.jpg IMGP2115.jpg IMGP2118.jpg IMGP2122.jpg IMGP2123.jpg IMGP2124.jpg IMGP2125.jpg IMGP2126.jpg IMGP2127.jpg IMGP2128.jpg IMGP2129.jpg IMGP2130.jpg IMGP2131.jpg IMGP2132.jpg IMGP2133.jpg IMGP2134.jpg IMGP2136.jpg IMGP2137.jpg

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