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Beginning with the 2014/15 school year the last day to make level changes or to drop a non-required class will be at the end of the 4th week of
school—Friday, October 3rd. Therefore, no new classes will be allowed unless there is availability in elective offerings.  All students had the opportunity to make changes to their course selections by June 20th, which was the last opportunity to make course changes for next year, with the exception of leveling down during Registration. 


Our teacher staffing is determined by student course requests and so course requests needed to be as accurate as possible so that we are staffed correctly for next year. We are also making a concerted effort to minimize the number of changes that take place during Registration and the first few weeks of school in order to reduce any interruptions to classroom instruction at the beginning of the school year. While we would love to be able to allow students to change their preferences to their courses, we cannot honor requests to switch electives or other courses simply based on a change of preference. There are only a very limited number of reasons a student may request a schedule change.


Conditions for changes that will be considered include:

  • Missing Subject (i.e. no English, math, science, PE class, etc….)

  • Missing Period  or Double Period (i.e. no class scheduled during a particular period or 2 classes scheduled during the same period)

  • Concerns regarding level placement for English, math, science, social science and world language. (Excluding math for 9th grade students)

  • Adjustments for athletics/PE

    Conditions that WILL NOT be honored include:

  • Teacher requests

  • Period changes

  • Elective changes

  • Preference changes



  • Freshmen and sophomores must be enrolled in six classes.

  • Juniors and seniors must maintain a minimum of five classes if for any reason you are dropped, you will no longer be enrolled in your five required classes and may be referred to an alternative high school program.

  • Zero period is not guaranteed.

  • Students (juniors and Seniors) with a zero period are not guaranteed a 0-4 schedule. Example: 0,1,2,4,6

  • Students taking an ROP or Saddleback class as their 5th class are not guaranteed a 1-4 schedule. Based on school-wide scheduling needs a student may have the following schedule: periods 1,3,5,2 with an ROP or Saddleback course

College Bound Seniors-Ordering Final Official Transcripts

To order your transcript:

  • Visit
  • On the main page, under “Quick Links” select “Order Transcripts”
  • From the left hand side of webpage towards the bottom, select “Ordering Transcripts Online”
  • Select Capistrano Valley High School from the list under “Select your school from the list below”
  • You will be directed to Parchment, with instructions on how to proceed.
  • Place your final transcript order online through Parchment now! It's easy, it's secure, and it's available 24/7.
  • During the summer when Capistrano Valley High School is closed, the District Office will approve and send transcripts through Parchment.  Transcripts may be sent to the colleges, NCCA, scholarships funds, and your own home.  
  • If you place your order today, and/or any date prior to June 26th, 2013 and choose the “Next Grading Period” option, you are choosing to have your transcript sent after the final high school grades have been posted onto the transcript. 
  • If you place an order during the summer any date after June 26th, 2013, after the final high school grades have been posted onto the transcripts choose the “Send Transcript Now” option.


Work permit applications may be picked up and processed in your school’s career center through Friday, June 27, 2014. Work permit applications can also be downloaded at: ...more

CVHS STUDENTS:  You Need a Student Portal Account

All students MUST register for a Student Portal account.

To create your Student Portal account, you will need three pieces of information: 1. Your home phone number 2. Your 7-digit identification number 3. Verif Pass Code.  The student ID number and Verif Pass Code were printed on your report card.  If you do not have this information, please come to the Guidance office to get it a.s.a.p.

Click the CTRL button and the link
Click on Access to Parent/Student Portal
Click on Create New Account, then Student
Continue to follow the steps.

Click here for Step-by-Step directions, if needed.

Remind your parents to register on the Parent Portal too!