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General Admission- $10

Kids 10 & Under- $5

Capo Students w/ ASB  card- FREE

Capo Students w/o ASB card- $10

Visiting Students w/ ASB card- $5

Visiting Students w/o ASB card- $10


General Admission- $7

Kids 10 & Under- $5

Capo Students w/ ASB  card- FREE

Capo Students w/o ASB card- $7

Visiting Students w/ ASB card- $5

Visiting Students w/o ASB card- $7


Winter Sports Try-Outs

Try-outs for Winter Sports will begin soon.  As dates are announced, they will be posted below.  In the mean time, please contact the Head Coach for more information and to let them know you are interested in trying out.

Basketball- Boys    Dates: Sept 1st 6:15pm-7:30pm & Sept 2nd 5:15pm-6:30pm Capo Gym... Coach Brian Mulligan

Basketball- Girls    Dates: TBD...  Coach Kendra Yancey

Soccer- Boys         Dates: Sept 1st & Sept 2nd, 3pm-4:30pm CVHS Grass Fields...  Coach Jason Sorrell

Soccer- Girls         Dates: Aug 27th & Sept 3rd, 3pm-4:30pm CVHS Grass Fields...  Coach Neil Powell

Surf Team              Dates: 1st two weeks of school... Coach Brian Schultz

Water Polo- Girls  Dates: TBD... Coach Pat Higginson

Wrestling               Dates: TBD...  Coach Rich Bordner  

Senior Awards- Athletes of the Year

Congrats to our Athletes of the Year, recognized at the Senior Awards Ceremony:

Coaches Award- Ally Dickman (Softball)

Marv Glusac Inspirational Award- Jake Ortega (Basketball & Baseball)

Ron Wilms Scholar Athlete Award- Grace Schafer (Cross Country & Track) & Blake Berk (Lacrosse)

All Around Athlete Award- Rebecca Deitch (Cross Country & Track) & Adam Gordon (Football & Baseball)

Outstanding Athlete Award- Katie Ta (Tennis) & Jordan Bocko (Football & Baseball)

2015-16 Athletic Clearance Packet

Please submit your completed packets to the Capo Athletics Office



Each month, 2 Capo athletes are selcted as Athletes of the Month based on their strong performance in their sport and strong character.  We would like to congratulate our Athletes of the Month!!!

2014-15 School Year

May 2015-

April 2015-

March 2015-

February 2015- Elizabeth Maas (Basketball) & Dawson Baker (Basketball)

January 2015- Catherine Simko (Water Polo) & Brandon Hernandez (Wrestling)

December 2014- Mei-Te Coco (Soccer) & Shayan Khademi (Soccer)

November 2014- Katie Ta (Tennis), Ashley Licata (Cross Country) & Adam Gordon (Football

October 2014- Emily Horner (Volleyball) & Austin Seachrest (Water Polo)

September 2014- Rebecca Dietch (Cross Country) & Trevor Wise (Football


2013-14 School Year

April 2014- Ally Dickman (Softball) & Roman Aragon (Golf)

March 2014- Brooke Lorentzen (Swim) & Nick Norman (Swim)

February 2014- Jen Munoz (Soccer) & John Letona (Soccer)

January 2014- Emily Adams (Water Polo) & Jacob Short (Basketball)

December 2013- Katie Ta (Tennis) & Phillip O'Shea (Wrestling)

November 2013- Grace Schafer (Cross Country) & Ashley Licata (Cross Country)

October 2013- Alexis Gray (Volleyball) & Jake Rendina (Water Polo)

September 2013- Natalie Herberg (Cross Country) & Matt Gordon (Football)


2012-2013 School Year

May 2013- Jack DesCombes (Swim) & Natalie Herberg (Track)

April 2013- Aldo Koutsoyanopulos (Baseball) & Sierra Gage (Swimming)

March 2013- Josh Schmidt (Volleyball) & Ryley Eggeman (Lacrosse)

January 2013- Jake Virnig (Basketball) & Tara Casey (Basketball)

December 2012- Phillip O'Shea (Wrestling) & Alex Hussar (Soccer)

November 2012- John Beck (Water Polo) & Gracie Schafer (Cross Country)

October 2012- Ethan Deson (Cross Country) & Katie Ta (Tennis)

September 2012- Mason Dossey (Football) & Dani Bolden (Volleyball)

Great Article

Please read the article on the link below.  It discusses the success of Athletes in future jobs...

Capo Valley Head Coaches


Cross Country (B) Danny Portillo
Cross Country (G) Ken Sayles

Football Ernie Bucher
Golf (G) Mike Minier
Surfing (B/G) Brian Schultz
Tennis(G) Terri Machado
Volleyball (G) TBD  
Water Polo (B) Steve Yancey
Basketball (B) Brian Mulligan
Basketball (G) Kendra Yancey  
Soccer (B) Jason Sorrell
Soccer (G) Neil Powell
Water Polo (G) Pat Higginson
Wrestling Rich Bordner
Baseball Bob Zamora
Golf (B) Mike Minier
Lacrosse (B) TBD  
Lacrosse (G) Ryan Gustafson
Softball Ashley Evans 
Swimming (B) Steve Yancey
Swimming (G) Pat Higginson
Tennis (B) Terri Machado
Track Field (B) Scott Schepens

Track Field (G) Jeanette Jimenez
Volleyball (B) TBD  


Athletic Director

Addison, Chad

Capo Gear

For sport specific Capo gear, please contact the individual teams or attend a home game to purchase Capo gear.  For CVHS Capo gear, please visit the following website:


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